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Radiators and convectors, industrial
Radio - production and distribution Select several companies then
Radio and television broadcasting - equipment and systems
Rail transport
Railway stations
Railway stock and equipment
Railways - operating
Rationalisation, mergers
Raw materials for construction and public works
Ready-made garments - ladies'
Ready-made garments - ladies' Select several companies then
Ready-made garments - ladies' Select several companies then
Ready-made garments - ladies' Select several companies then
Real estate, business and industrial - developers and agencies
Recruitment agency
Recycling and recovery - miscellaneous materials
Refractory materials and products
Refrigerated transport
Refrigeration plants and equipment, commercial and industrial
Rehabilitation apparatus and equipment
Removals - industrial facilities
Removals and relocation - international
Repairs - consumer goods
Repairs - industrial equipment
Retailing outlets
Ribbons and ropes
Rice processing - machinery and equipment Select several companies then
Rigid materials for building
Road maintenance - machinery and equipment
Road transport
Road transport - logistical services
Road, beach and ski-slope maintenance - machinery and equipment
Roadlaying materials
Roasting equipment - coffee, cocoa
Rods, threaded
Rolling mills - ferrous metals
Roof and luggage racks
Roofing - works
Roofing materials
Room partitions
Rubber - products for the motor vehicle and transport industry
Rubber - technical items for industry
Rubber - transformation into semi-finished products
Rubber and derivatives
Rubber and plastic - processing
Rubber bands
Rubber products
Rugs and carpeting
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